Amsterdam Bars and Zandvoort Beach

In my previous post, I mentioned that I will break down my blog post on Amsterdam into three parts as the trip was quite eventful.Today’s post is dedicated to bars and the beach. I started off with Heineken Experience which is a pretty awesome experience especially if you are an up and coming alcoholic or a full blown alcoholic, anyway am kidding. It’s an experience I would recommend to everyone drinkers or non-drinkers. Its packed with interesting facts about heineken and a family’s drive and ambition to make it an international brand since its inception in 1864. I paid about €12 for the experience which was worth every penny considering the perks on the tour including; two glasses of beer, a 4D-5 minute movie on the heineken production, a tour of the place and amazing infomercials throughout the tour and to top that all off a free canal boat ride plus a gift. Additionally, give demos on the most effective way to consume a heineken beer followed up with reasons why most women don’t like the taste of beer; very insightful.

Enjoy the pictures.

The Heineken Brewery
Entrance to the Brewery


Posing next to the 4 main ingredients of heineken; water, barley, hops and their secret Heineken A-yeast developed by Dr Elion a student of Louis Pasteur whose notable works include microbial fermentation.


A small fraction of the evolution of the Heineken bottles
Posing with this lovely Heineken can bottle arrangement


Beer tasting


I also went to the Amsterdam icebar, which is an amazing concept on its own; everything in the bar is made of ice. The glasses, seats, the bar counter and the ceiling, all made of ice. I hope the pictures will give you more perspective. The experience is usually 1 hour long, but I doubt anyone can stand that cold for more than 20 minutes unless of course your an eskimo. The temperature inside the icebar is usually regulated by the icebar operators and it was -9.5 degrees during my visit, hence the short span of time in the bar. The attendants there also provide you with a coat and gloves to keep warm whilst enjoying their cocktails and the bar experience.

The bar counter at the icebar
Polar bear made of ice


Chilling at the Bar
Chilling at the Bar


Finally, I went to  Zandvoort Beach, which was absolutely cold but an experience all the same. It is currently summer time but the water was so cold (guessing it hadn’t received the memo yet) and it was quite windy and hence why I was wearing my jacket. The trip to Zandvoort Beach was interesting; mainly because I did something rather cunning and cheeky, I had purchased a 3 day travel card (this is a public transport pass that allows you access to all forms of transport i.e trams, buses, train and offers highly subsidised prices as compared to the normal rates per journey) which was only limited to Amsterdam; but I still made my way to the beach which is an hour away from Amsterdam by train and you can imagine what transpired next, I was busted by the conductor on my way back, quickly handed over my Amsterdam Pass, to which he replied that it was not valid on the trip. My next reaction was to obviously point out that I was a tourist all the way from Kenya in an attempt to get of the hook. It worked for a while and we had a brief conversation mostly about his interest in coming to Kenya and pointed out that his parents had recently been on vacation in Mombasa and of course asked me to pay €3 for the trip. What I love most about Zandvoort beach was its sandy beach which is always a good feeling when your bear-foot walking on the beach. Don’t you just love how the sand sips in between you toes? absolutely love that feeling.

Zandvoort Beach

DSC_0079   DSC_0122 DSC_0108   DSC_0076   DSC_0092

“Where you go becomes a part of you somehow.” Anita Desai Love and Blessings.


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