Tips for Navigating Amsterdam


This post took quite longer than I initially expected, life can sometimes take over. There are a few tips that can cut down your costs whilst maximising your trip in Amsterdam. Exploring can cost quite a fortune and maybe your looking to travel to more than one European destination and thus maximising the whole experience. It is advisable that you buy the Amsterdam pass for €25, it’s a 3 day pass on all trains, trams and buses within Amsterdam including return train pass to Schipol airport. If you are very experienced in riding bikes, there is an option of renting a bike and riding it all over Amsterdam, but as a disclaimer make sure you don’t end up in the canals, some of the roads are very narrow and such incidents of riding into the canal is a possibility lol. The charges are very flexible though. Maps are also a useful to have; good thing about the maps is that they highlight the main attractions on the maps and give clear cut directions which is a bonus. My love for maps is really intensifying these days, maps are the coolest thing ever, how old school am I? Google maps can do the trick if you are willing to incur roaming internet charges. In my opinion technology can take away the fun of exploring and being attentive to the scenes as you try and figure your way around the city.

Hotels are pretty inexpensive in Amsterdam with sites such as that give you competitive prices and various options. However, make sure you look at the hotel reviews before booking. There are a number of hostels as well; this link will direct you to the various hostels within the locale Amsterdam Hostels. Hostels are quite affordable. The Nakumatt Cards are very useful in online transactions if you leave in Kenya and don’t possess a credit card. Also if your planning on experiencing the Canal Cruise, Heineken Experience, Body Works, Icebar and Madame Tussaud’s wax Museum it’s always advisable to buy the package deals which are cheaper than buying individual tickets. Food and restaurants are in plenty with steak as one of their specialities, cheese and wine, fast food joints as well are in plenty. I hope this helps now or in the future when you visit Amsterdam.

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Mark Twain.


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