La Dolce Vita


The title to this blog post speaks to my psyche on so many levels. Who doesn’t love the sweet life? I know for a fact that a large percentage of you are in search for something, often that something is far greater than what your experiencing now. The point am driving at is that life is fleeting and that sometimes indulging is a good thing. It is also very important to dream irrespective of how large your dream is, for a long time as a child growing up in Kenya; I had a fascination with planes (my eldest brother can definitely vouch for this) and far away lands and I always knew that if I focused my attention on it, things would eventually happen.


Many of you have asked how I make my trips possible and my simple answer is planning, saving and redirecting my funds to quenching my wanderlust nature. The answer seems rather pretentious maybe but it is the honest truth. Also, as I stated in my initial blog post; I am opportunity taker and being close to Europe gives me a chance to travel around in a cheaper way. So in answering some of your questions, No I am not rich yet but I declare it with every fibre of my being that I am a millionaire in the making heck even a billionaire and I consciously create thoughts and relay vibrations into the world that will bounce back to me and make it a reality.



Today am basically dishing on tips for Rome. If you read my previous post you are quite aware that I spent 3 days and 2 nights exploring Rome. My trip got off to rocky start but I glided through like a pro and I would like to share some tips that might help you maximise your trip and keep your costs at bay.

General Tip for Rome: Never go to the Vatican during early morning hours, the queues are insanely long. My best tip is to go around 1 pm, at this point the queue has quelled down quite a bit and you don’t have to waste away your morning standing, there’s a lot of sights to visit and I would advice saving your energy for walking around rather than standing. A ticket to the Vatican is about €12 and it allows access to the Vatican which houses the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Look at that crazy long morning hour queue!!!!


Numerous historical events have and will continue to take place is the Sistine Chapel key being the election of Popes. No picture taking is allowed inside the Sistine Chapel, prepare your mind to soak up some of Michelangelo’s most famous works the frescoes. Being Catholic, the Sistine Chapel visit had meaning to me on a personal level. Tickets for the Colosseum also cover for the Roman Forum which is just opposite.



Below is a list of tips that are helpful for any trip you decide to embark on;

Tip 1: Planning is key, the sooner the cheaper!

Tip 2: Researching your destination is essential, that includes reading articles, looking at location reviews from people that have travelled before you is very important, we have platforms such as Youtube with amazing information but equally important is to do your due diligence.

Tip 3: Sites such as Kayak are so amazing with deals and doing multi city booking is always more affordable than doing returns. So if maybe you have a work trip in Europe, why not squeeze in a city or two into your itinerary.Groupon is also another useful site if your looking for great deals.

Tip 4: Food!!! Depending on your budget it’s always important to sample a local cuisine as part of your adventure. But you can do that for dinners because eating out at restaurants can be pretty costly. Personally, I always have fast foods on the go and have a pretty decent sampling of the local cuisine on just one night of my stay. 

Tip 5: Always and always ask for a discount before paying for your ticket (museums, attractions you name it) after all, no harm in trying. I have saved quite a penny by asking for discounts, it got me through the Louvre Museum for free just by asking.


I will be sure to share more tips with you as I continue to learn, I am no expert though so it is wise to do some research as well. You can share your travel tips on my Facebook page.

As usual love and blessings and thanks for stopping by. I will leave you with a quote that I absolutely adore,

“Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience”, Paulo Coelho


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