My Tokyo Experience


Finding the right words to describe a place and an experience can sometimes be an uphill task, especially when the place has the most brilliant and pleasant people on earth (in my opinion). Being in Japan was an eye opening experience for me, it is so beautiful to see the various perspectives and way of life of others; their culture, food, vibes, auras and what blew me away the most was their work ethic and discipline.

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Blackpool Theme Park

DSC_0152For a long time I had heard about the Blackpool Theme Park, with friends and acquaintances sharing their experiences on some of the rides. So naturally, I wanted to give it a shot and test my limits. I was going in for the thrill I think, more so to ascertain whether I am an adrenaline junkie and living by the edge kind of girl. In my mind, I think I am a badass and always looking for ways to push the envelope.

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