My Tokyo Experience


Finding the right words to describe a place and an experience can sometimes be an uphill task, especially when the place has the most brilliant and pleasant people on earth (in my opinion). Being in Japan was an eye opening experience for me, it is so beautiful to see the various perspectives and way of life of others; their culture, food, vibes, auras and what blew me away the most was their work ethic and discipline.

My trip to Japan was mainly centred around a  business engagement conference with some of my friends and seemingly so I had quite a good experience interacting with the Japanese people. They are very warm and inviting and their willingness to help foreigners is something to behold. Maybe this is attributable to their religious views since many of them are practising Buddhists or maybe it’s a trait that has been engrained in their national values, I don’t know but seeing people who are so willing to help with directions despite the language barrier blew me away amongst other lovely gestures.

Train station chronicles
Ese and I struck a pose with a Geisha girl in Narita

In many cities the atmosphere is almost chaotic but Tokyo felt very still and calm despite the city hustle. To think that before I travelled there, I was very skeptical about the level of interaction I would have with the local people due to the obvious communication barriers.


One of the many beautiful temples in Narita

I really didn’t do as many activities as I had initially planned because jet lag kicked in majorly, secondly Japan is pretty expensive and it was Monsoon period when I travelled, which pretty much meant the rain affected the level of activities I could engage in; this made it impossible to hike on Mount Fuji which if your ever interested in travelling to Japan  is a must do.

My friends and I were able to visit a few sights in Tokyo, a little bit of everything really. In my next post I will share some of the activities and the reason why I think Tokyo should be in your travel bucket list.





Tokyo Tower a replica of the Eiffel Tower
My friend Ese and I strike a pose
Tokyo Tower

Thank you for stopping by. As usual I will leave you with a quote that resonates my experience in Tokyo.

“One’s destination is never a place , but a new way of seeing things”, Henry Miller

Love and Blessing,



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