10 Reasons why Tokyo is Amazing


There are plenty of reasons why Tokyo should be on your bucket list. Tokyo is home to Samurai,Geisha Girls, Pokemon, Sumo wrestlers, neon lights; the list is endless really. There are so many points of interest for everyone dependant on what draws you the most to travel; architecture, culture,language, food, night life etc. 

So here’s my list of the 10 things that made me love Tokyo and why am dreaming about my return there in the future.

People: It goes without saying that the Japanese are the nicest, most humble and down to earth people you will ever meet. Ask anyone who’s travelled to Japan or has had an encounter with them, they will tell you exactly that.

Street Food= yummy
Ese and I pose with a Geisha Girl

Tokyo Skytree: If you are drawn to the neon lights of Tokyo, then I suggest that you make your way to the Tokyo Skytree whilst in Tokyo, you will not only enjoy the panoramic views of the city but the lights too.

Tokyo Skytree
Night views from the Tokyo Skytree



Tokyo Tower: The ‘Eiffel Tower of Tokyo’, is a communication and observation tower and you can enjoy amazing views from there as well.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Disneyland: If you love theme parks as much as I do then Tokyo Disneyland is a must visit. It was my second time in Disneyland having been to the one in Paris as well. It’s so great to relive your childhood and see the exciting things in the Park from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck

Tokyo Disneyland


Disneyland with these lovely ladies
Mickey Mouse Ears headbands are simply amazing
Angie and I

Tokyo Imperial Palace: Home to the official residence of the Emperor of Japan, museums, archives and an extensive park. I spend most of my time in the museum and learnt a little about the role of the emperor in ancient Japanese times and his leadership roles; great experience!

The Imperial Palace




Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: This garden is an amazing 60 hectares of well manicured grass, amazing trees and most amazing landscape. It was built for royalty so its beauty befit royalty. It is also known for the cherry blossom season and all its beauty. I went there in the monsoon season hence did not see the cherry blossom but the gardens worth the sight seeing.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
A lovely house at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Views of Tokyo’s Skyscrapers from Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Take the Tokyo Train System: The train system in Tokyo is simple yet so complex if your not so used to train networks. It has a record of 158 lines and more than three million people using the train network, this is a marvel on its own; amazing still is the level of organisation and the on train policy that these trains observe. LOVED IT

The JR Narita Express Train, would cute is the interior though?

Visit a temple or two: What’s the point of travelling if you can’t partake in other people’s beliefs and learning a thing or two? Well I visited a temple with my friends and also had the privilege of being invited inside the temple for their daily devotionals, rituals and meditation. I now understand why an increasing number of people are drawn into Buddhism by the minute, the calmness, meditation and silence of the religion or way of life is something so soul calming. Anyway best part is that the Monk blessed us and our belongings, well mine was my handbag and camera; I can only hope that my cashflow will increase and my camera will be able to capture many more adventures hehehehehe!


Entrance to the Narita Temple


Incense burning at the Temple
MONKS, for some reason this reminds me of the book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”

Walk: Have you ever been to a place that completely awes you? I guarantee that Tokyo will, as my friends and I were working around Tokyo, one common thing we noted was there were a few dustbins, well you may think that having a few dustbins will constitute a dirty city, well Tokyo is one of the cleanest cities in my opinion despite there being a few dustbins.

Some buildings in Tokyo
Streets of Tokyo

Eat. If you follow me on Instagram then you knew that my friends Ese, Angela and I ate a lot of sushi in Japan, why not? Sushi is only but Japanese, and figured that the best and most authentic sushi will be found in Tokyo. They also have some amazing pastries and not forgetting the Tokyo Banana.


I had the best time in Tokyo, writing about it makes me nostalgic and laugh out loud especially the day my friends and I got lost and missed the last train to our hotel in Narita. At this point it was 8:30 P.M and we had to find another way to the hotel, the next bus was at 12 midnight  and since all shops were closed, we  found a small pub and sat there with only one drink and a hand full of peanuts till 12 midnight. Finally the bus arrived and we got off at the last stop which was the airport and quite near our hotel or so we thought, with no phone service and at this point it was pitch dark, no google maps to save us and no one close to sight except for one person who barely could speak a word of english; and frustration and fatigue slowly creeping in, we though we were doomed hahahaha!!!!! Eventually we started walking and Ese come up with the brilliant idea of recording this whole episode on her phone, this was a super funny video with messages to family and friends incase we ever wound up missing.

Thinking about it makes me laugh so hard, it did indeed feel like the night was never ending but we made it to the hotel in one piece and obviously exhausted.

Finally, I was surprised by how green Tokyo was, the number of trees they have blew me away, totally didn’t expect to see as many trees as I did.

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” Anon

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