Venice in 48 hours and on a budget


Dubbed as one of the most romantic and enchanting cities in Europe, Venice lives up to the hype, it is quite beautiful and magical with the most breathtaking sceneries and architecture that leaves you in awe.

Truth be told, Venice can be quite expensive but that doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank if you ever chose to visit this stunning city. It is always important to research before traveling in order to avoid the tourist trap and ensuring that you get the best deals.

Within 48 hours I was able to see the Saint Marks Basilica, the Piazza san Marco, Rialto bridge, Dorsoduro, Murano, Burano and Santa Maria della Salute. I had such an amazing time, with these amazing sights in Venice and walking around just taking it all in.

There are a few of my tips and activities that made my stay in Venice quite affordable;

  • Accommodation

It’s always wise to book months ahead of your trip to save on the costs associated with travel, also location does play a huge part in pricing as well. I choose to stay at Hotel Tritone which is an affordable hotel with good breakfast variety.

  • Travel Card 

I was in Venice for a little over 48 hours and so I bought my 48-hour travel pass for about €30, which is a great deal if you ask me considering one single vaporetto ride is about €7.50. I went on the vaporetto approximately 10 times, the travel card is definitely value for money if you maximise its use of course.

  • Explore Venice by foot

Venice is surrounded by canals, and there’s practically no car. The footpaths and walk ways are pretty narrow and hence, the best way to see Venice is by foot. Make sure to walk around so as to fully see the majestic architecture and history of this city. In the process you will find out more enchanting views, tales, hidden treasures.

Walking around Venice
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica

It is the top tourist attraction in Venice. It boosts more than 43000 square feet of 24 carat gold and coloured glass mosaic, that can let you in on the history and wealth of the Venetians its Byzantine architecture boosts of its opulence in more ways than one, as well as the attention to detail.

Saint Mark’s Basilica
Outside Saint Mark’s Basilica
  • Piazza San Marco

As expected the location is full of tourists, its environs are located in close proximity to St. Mark’s Basilica, Museo Correr and amazing restaurants full of lively music and bursting activity.

Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco
  • Museo Correr 

If you want to learn more about Venetian history through art work and documents, this is definitely the place to be, Teodoro Correr’s passion and love for art and Venice is elaborately displayed here.

Museo Correr
  • Grand Canal

Just as you have Oxford Street in London, the Grand Canal is the main street in Venice, it is the major water transport corridor of Venice. Around it are Fondaco houses, gondolas all around, elegant homes and homes to the rich in Venice, art galleries and all sorts of sophistication. The views from the Grand canal are simply grand and breathtaking.

View of the Grand canal from a Water Taxi



  • Murano Island

Murano has a reputation for glassmaking internationally, I was privileged to be able to see this glass making process from scratch and it was very educative, from sand to the most impressive glass vases, mugs, cups and the list is endless really.

Water taxi Station
Murano glasses on display
Murano views
  • Burano Island

I was super excited to go see this little island with brightly coloured homes and the lace making industry which made this island a sort after gem in Europe in its hay days.

Colourful Burano
Burano homes
Souvenir Shops
  • Rialto Bridge

What’s more amazing than seeing the oldest bridge in the Grand Canal? Despite the fact that I visited during its reconstruction, the ornate foot bridge is something to marvel at, its stone work tells tales of its history and the amazing architecture that Venice boosts.

Rialto Bridge
  • Gallerie dell’Accademia 

It houses some of the most amazing 18th century Venetian art masterpieces and it is a must visit if you wish to view some of the thematic art that is arranged chronological in the museum.

Entrance to Gallerie dell’Accademia


  • Santa Marie della Salute

An absolutely stunning Catholic church that was build in honour of the Virgin Mary who was deemed as the protector of the Venetian state especially after plagued afflicted almost a third of the population in Venice in the seventeenth century.

The amazing Architecture of Santa Marie della salute
  • Gondola

One of Venice’s symbols has to be the gondola’s, how genius and beautiful were these little creations, for centuries they were the main means of transport for Venice and it is so wonderful to see how well they have preserved this gondola culture.

Gondola loving


This is definitely a place to visit and it should go down in you bucket list, if you have visited Venice, tell me what you think and tell what were your favourite sites.

“Travel makes you modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world,” Gustave Flaubert

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  1. Venice is so beautiful…. Can tell from your insanely high quality pictures lol. The Jumpsuit *sigh* maybe you can join Grace and be a fashion blogger as well. 😀


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