Travel Souvenirs


The word souvenir is actually a French word meaning remembrance. Souvenirs are great for many reasons; they remind you of the places you have visited and the people you have met along the way. These pretty trinkets are also great mood setters and they have ways of reigniting memories of the particular places and time.

I usually collect inexpensive souvenirs and limit myself to snow globes which I absolutely adore, fridge magnets and little pieces of street art that I spot while touring various cities. Depending on the city snow globes can range for about € 8 (kshs 800-1000) and fridge magnets are about € 3 (kshs 300) while street art can cost as low as € 1 (kshs 100) from street artist.

Souvenir shop in Amsterdam
Street Art in Burano, Italy

Souvenirs can be just about anything ranging from fashion pieces, books, keychains, caricature and wine the list is never ending. The choice of souvenir collection is limited to personal preference and amount of money one wishes to spend.









PS: The framed pictures are DIY projects that I did to spice up my room. I picked up the frames from IKEA but there are several options within Nairobi like the TACC (Tile and Carpet Centre) in Garden City Mall with amazing frames for only kshs. 250.

I would love to hear what souvenirs you have collected from your travels and what souvenirs mean to you?

Thanks for stopping by and as usual I will leave you with a quote.

” To travel is to take a journey into yourself” Danny Kaye


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