Nice is nice



Nice is indeed nice, this amazing city on the French Riviera is absolutely picturesque and dreamy. From its amazing beaches, warm and breezy weather to its architecture which is influenced by both French and Italian culture. Definitely a great place to visit and it can absolutely be done at a budget. Want to know how to spend less than kshs. 75,000 inclusive of flights and accommodation then stick around as I give you a detailed breakdown of how to make this possible.

Everything from the Promenade des Anglais, to the Italian and French architecture, the amazing museums and the cultural blend make Nice a great destination to visit. I got to experience this dreamy destination with two of my loved ones and it was quite the treat; and I couldn’t have asked to experience this place with anyone other than them; it was filled with quite a lot of sightseeing and lots of eating.

One major, pointer I would like to share is that it is absolutely wise when taking a European trip to endeavour as much as possible to include at least one other destination. This is not only to ensure that you have value for money for your return trip to Kenya but you also get to ensure that your Schengen Visa is utilised to the fullest and it’s cheaper than making trips to solo countries each time. So, when you travel to Europe ensure that you hit as many countries as you can. Websites such as kayakExpedia and can help with planning and getting the best deals at low rates. How can you spend kshs. 75,000 for a trip to Europe and back? Well using the sites that are mentioned above can easily help you minimise your cost. As well as travelling as a group which easily puts your accommodation rates lower due to sharing. Another amazing thing is that early planning can go a long way to ensuring that your budget is kept at bay.

Here’s how, I spent my 3 days in Nice, France. If you read my Monaco piece here, then it is quite evident that I combined it with the Nice trip. The first day, I spent in Monaco while the second and third/last day I spent in Nice. Here are a few of the things I got to do in Nice, I will leave a short description on the pictures to explain the activities. A disclaimer is that I did not spend kshs. 75000 myself due to the fact that I lived in London for most of 2015 and a portion of 2014.

The famous hotel Lè Negresco



The Roman Bath Ruins next to the Matisse Museum


Hotel Regina, Royals have been known to stay here while in Nice


A view of the Mediterranean Sea




La Tête au Carré, is a square head monument which is actually a 7 storey building and the world’s first habitable monument.


Monument aux Morts, it was put up to honour the citizens who lost their lives in World War I. Located on Castle Hill close to the Promenade des Anglais


Castle Hill


Notre Dame Du Port Roman Catholic Church
Jardin Albert I Monument at the centre of Nice
View from my budget hotel Hotel Solara
The famous Promenade des Anglais

“Life is an adventure, dare it,” Mother Theresa

Thanks for stopping by and may adventure be with you.





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