Why Kenyans don’t travel


While am aware that travel is not everyone’s cup of tea, today I will be sharing some reasons why I think as Kenyans we don’t travel. I would also like to state that I am aware that we all have different social, economic backgrounds and various life obligations. For sometime now, I have been asked how I afford to travel. If I had a nickel for everytime I’ve been asked that then I would for sure afford to travel hustle free for the rest of my life 🙂 :-). There is no secret really, like everything good in life there has to be some element of hardwork, preparation and sacrifice.

Taking a trip does not necessary mean going abroad, you can take a trip within Kenya as there amazing things and places to see in our beautiful motherland. I am also equally aware that travel is on most peoples mind at on time or another. But due to one thing or another, you might be unable to travel. I have broken down some of the reasons why I think most middle-class Kenyans don’t travel. Feel free to share your views on this article, which I think may be controversial to some. I am looking forward to reading what some of you think.

  • Lack of planning and information

The beauty about planning is that it accords one the time and sanity to space out events and money. If you plan something in advance say months ahead chances are that you will not be faced with anxiety related to money. Planning a trip can be quite the task as proper resource allocation is needed. Planning also gives you options of having discounts and low rates in booking for trips.

  • Social Priorities

I am not here to police anyone nor is it my right to tell you how to spend your income in anyway, form or manner. But I once spoke to a friend who was quite skeptical of why I choose to write a travel blogger as Kenyan. My friend’s expression was that Kenyans only think about beer, partying, fashion articles, eating out and that on average they spend kshs. 5000 a weekend on going out to the clubs. Some of us ladies spend a fortune of acquiring new shoes or handbags every other weekend. I have not always spend a lot on fashion, but I think about a year ago my brother and mom shared a video posted by Caroline Mutoko in her Youtube page, that drove the point closer home on how to always manage your income and finances well.

Travel may not be a priority; since its only a spending and no return kind of investment. While this may be true, I wish to state that I have nothing against beer, partying or investing your money in other ventures. I would however, suggest that instead of spending kshs. 5000 per weekend on beer why not try kshs. 2000 on beer and put the rest on the travel kitty and you will be surprised at how much you save up in a year and that could allow a trip to a given destination. I recently, did a post on affordable visa free destinations for Kenyan here.

  • The belief that travel is expensive

Travel can be quite a costly affair, but if done well you can save loads of money and get to take trips to places in your bucket list. Planning months ahead and saving can result in trips being quite inexpensive. Knowing which seasons to travel and signing up for loyalty programmes can you quite the low cost/ budget kind of trip.

Currently, there are massive cheap rates to Dubai for about kshs. 35,000 for a return trip to Dubai on RwandAir. The only, disadvantage is the long layovers in the capital Kigali but as a Kenyan, you can explore Kigali and the genocide memorial for a few hours if you plan your time well.

  • Fear of the unknown

Stephanie Melsh once said, “Fear is an idea-crippling, experience-crushing, success-stalling inhibitor inflicted only by yourself.” There is a level of fear when it comes to new territories, which is totally understandable. Truth is most people in most parts of the world are welcoming, of course you will find people that are one way or another discriminatory but the truth is that you will find more people who are kind and compassionate that will help you with direction, advice or even a conversation. Don’t let fear guide you, take control.

  • Lack of Interest

I know that different people have different interests. So I cannot in this case argue the point here if one is not interested in travel.

“Take vacations, go as many places as you can, you can always make money, you can’t always make memories” Anon

Thanks for stopping by and may adventure be with you.





2 thoughts on “Why Kenyans don’t travel

  1. Thanks for the great insight on why Kenyans don’t travel, as I am one of them.I will make sure I save some money this year for traveling. Good job

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