Thank you

Thank You!!!

I would like to dedicate today’s post to my family, friends and amazing readers for the time and effort you took to vote for me for Best Travel Blog 2016 on the BAKE Awards platform. I am literally in awe of your tremendous support. We managed to garner 757 votes and that in itself is a great honour and testament to your presence.

I did not win the award but I am in debt and appreciation for the nomination that Bloggers Association of Kenya accorded me. It is an amazing platform and I am incredibly lucky and fortunate that they shared my work on their amazing platform. I would also like to congratulate Safari254 on their win and all other contestants for their great courage in sharing their travel stories. Congratulations are in order and may you continue to inspire all of us with your amazing platform.

I started this platform to share my travel experiences and inspire many young people to travel as often as they possibly can and also to provide affordable and budget solutions to travel. I am a hugely passionate about the travel industry. I believe that in travelling many young people are exposed to norms and cultures other than their own. In this way, it can influence our economic scene and most importantly our political scene which is in dire need of fresh thinking.

“Showing gratitude is the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” Randy Pausch

As always; may adventure be with you.




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