A Fantastic Trip to London with minimal spending? Here’s how


It was so hard to find the right words to describe my feelings towards this beautiful city. I mean thinking about London brings great nostalgia, it was home to me for about a year and four months. I dare say that London is the most beautiful and charming city I have ever had the pleasure to visit and live.

I had such an amazing time in London and I hope that this post gives details on how to navigate the major sights in this amazing destination.


Depending on how long it is that you wish stay in London, here are a few tips that will help you save some money whilst there.

  • Accomodation

The most amazing thing about London is the fact that there are different options with regards to accommodation ranging from hostels, coach surfing (if you are courageous), airbnb and hotels.

My first week in London, I spent at the Dover Castle Hostel. It was pretty scary experience at first because you share the room with strangers and this can be nerve wrecking if you are not used to this kind of dynamic. The upside to it, is that you get to save plenty of money as well as making friends with a whole host of internationals. I remember I made friends with a couple of Argentinians who had backpacked across Europe in six months…..AMAZING!!! And they were headed for Argentina in a ship, talk about adventure!!!!

The best part is that I only spent £14 per night (kshs 2200); not bad for an accommodation in one of the world’s most expensive cities. The place is well maintained and clean and they offer you breakfast as part of the price package. You can also make your own meals in the evenings as the kitchen is open for use to its occupants.

The link to Dover Castle Hostel is Dover Castle Hostel.

  • Transport (Visitor Oyster Card and Travel Cards)

Being from a city where the only infrastructure that facilitates movement is 98% road transport, London can be quite the thrill. Infact, the Underground railway network was an attraction in itself for me! I kid you not the London transport system is the best there is.

It is so well connected and the frequency of trains is usually under 5 mins. Super mind boggling! There are about 15 lines in the Underground Transport for London(TFL) network, I have to applaud the Mayor of London and all who work to make the London transport experience great. If you have been reading my blog then you know how much I appreciate travel cards. TFL offers amazing discounted rates for daily, weekly and monthly travel and this can help you save quite a huge amount on transport. For more information on the rates whilst in London, don’t hesitate to ask the TFL staff who are very helpful and you can find them in stations all across London.

Additionally, it is usually a great idea to pick up a TFL map from any station, I saved the 1st map I used in London, I love to use maps am kind of an old soul in that sense, I know there are numerous apps that help with the underground navigation but I tend to think that maps give me a great sense of the surrounding and keeps me alert at all times.

Another amazing fact is that a majority of London attractions are between zone 1 and 2.

London Underground
  • Street Food

A great way to save money and still enjoy the diverse food culture is through visiting food markets and enjoying the variety of street food that London has to offer. The street food phenomenon has been quite the trend in recent years. The great part is that  these markets have such diversity from the traditional english fish and chips to Caribbean, Mexican, Moroccan, Indian and Africa cuisine. I usually frequented the Goulston Street Food Market in Central London quite close to Liverpool Street. They had amazing food at amazing rates. The best part about London is that similar street food markets are spread out across the city. Here’s link that will help you find more Best Street Food Guide London.

  • Walk

A majority of London attractions are located in the close proximity to one another. You can walk from Tower Hill to London Bridge to Westminster where the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are located.

  • Free Attractions

There are plenty of free attractions in London and this is why it is such an ideal place to visit. You have the British Museum which is amazing, Big Ben, Oxford Street, London Bridge, one can view the London Eye without necessary paying £21 (kshs 3250)  for a ride, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden to name a few.

The Gherkin; one of London’s great architectural masterpiece
Trafalgar Square
The London Bridge
  • Advanced Booking and Online Booking

The best way to save some money would definitely be to make booking in advance and make sure to do them online, I got tickets to the London eye, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon and Sea Life for under £60 (kshs 8000)  which was a great deal at the time.

I hope this post gave you more perspective on planning and utilising your travel money while in London.

“There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” Vivienne Westwood

Thanks for stopping by XOXO

As always may adventure be with you.




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