5 simple ways of saving on airfare


We all know that airfare is the most expensive part of travel, today I will be sharing five simple steps that can help you save quite a sum on airfare.

  • Travel in low season

If you are planning a trip to a particular destination, always find out when the low season is and plan your trip around it. It’s one of the best ways to save up on airfare. While the weather conditions might not be as great, you will be pleasantly surprised by a less crowded destination.

  • Clear your internet cookies and search for flights incognito

Have you ever looked up a flight on one day and its extremely cheap but when you search for the same flight the next day the prices seem to have skyrocketed overnight and you wonder why? Well, cookies are responsible for this because they store up this information. The best way to go around this, is to clear up your search history and open a new private window that will guarantee privacy.

  • Best days to travel

A lot of research has been conducted and results indicate that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days in a week to fly. So if you are planning a trip make sure to plan it on either of these days for the departure and return flights.

  • Indirect Flights 

Indirect flights may not be as convenient but they do save you a lot of money. So instead of flying direct to your destination why not take an indirect flight that may give you an opportunity to tour some airports during your layover :-).

  • Advance booking

Always book for flight at least a month or two before you have to travel. This helps save a lot of money for you. Planning is a sure way of achieving this tip. So if you know you have leave days from work or a holiday break from school in a couple of months always plan a trip around this time to help save up a few coins.

“Because it’s cheaper and easier to fly than ever before, air travel is becoming democratized.” Peter Diamindis.

Thanks for stopping by xoxo.

As always may adventure be with you!




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