The Enchanting Barcelona


In 2015; I made several attempts to visit Barcelona and they all proved to be unsuccessful. Mainly because my plans were made around the summertime when flight tickets and accommodation are insanely expensive. I had to be patient and I decided to hold off visiting Barcelona for a more opportune time.

In early February an opportunity presented itself, as I was going to Europe to visit my family in Germany during the spring time. The trip was 10 day long and so I decided to plan a quick 36 hour trip to Barcelona (two days and a night). I headed over to EasyJet and found a return ticket from Berlin to Barcelona for about €80 which was a bargain.  I also found a 2 star hotel that was about €50 for a night inclusive of a buffet breakfast..DEAL :-).

Prior to visiting Barcelona, I made sure to educate myself on the city, seeing that this would be a solo trip. I made sure that I listed all the places I wanted to visit in my little notebook and knew the exact location of my hotel and the distance from airport to the hotel and vice versa. I woke up early on a Thursday morning as my flight left Berlin at around 6 am. I got to Barcelona at about 8 am. I consciously booked morning flights in order to maximise a full day there since I had a time constraint.

Nothing can quite prepare you for a solo trip in a foreign non-english speaking country, however, my first encounter with Barcelona was met by an amazing train station customer care representative in his 50’s who was totally polite and chatty as he engaged me on a conservation about Kenya and left me impressed by the level of insight and knowledge he had on Kenya. I proceeded to buying my two day travel card and grabbed a map and headed for the hotel on a high note, thinking of the memorable time I would have there.

I got my hotel and I pleasantly surprised, Acta Antibes was a clean, efficient staff and was a  total bargain considering its close proximity to Sagrada Familia. The only downside was the tiny bathroom space but nonetheless a charming hotel to stay at on a budget.The hotel was a 5 minute walk to the train station and vice versa. In a safe location. I had such an amazing time and will be sharing in detail things I got to do and see on my next post.

However, here are a few things that you should know about Barcelona from my experience;

  • While Barcelona is a safe city; it is gripped with petty theft and pickpocket menace. Always be aware of your surrounding and the people around you and aim to keep your property close to you.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; Barcelona is very walkable and some attractions are in close proximity to others. Thus, comfort is key, especially when visiting Park Guell. The distance from the train station to the Park requires that you climb a steep flight of stairs.
  • Choose a crowded restaurant; if a restaurant is full of people, then you know its popular and chances are it serves good and hygienic food. There is nothing as worse as having food poisoning on a trip.

On my next blogpost, I will highlight how I spent 36 hours in Barcelona chasing her incredible sights and how I got lost looking for Camp Nou. I guarantee a great read and some exciting factors, I recommend a visit there. Ensure to save up and plan plan plan.Barcelona will leave you breathless and mesmerise you with is intricate and elaborate architecture, more so Gaudi’s work.

“Barcelona is a very old city in which you can feel the weight of history; it is haunted by history. You cannot walk around it without perceiving it.” Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Thank you for stopping by xoxo.

As always may adventure be with you!




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