Dubai guide for first time visitors



Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by today. My last blog post detailed the mistakes I made while planning my trip to Dubai. Despite the few mishaps, I managed to squeeze in quite a lot of activities considering I was there for just a few days.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time make sure you read my previous post here for things to avoid while there. Dubai is an amazing destination, a melting point of cultural diversity that makes for an enjoyable trip in a variety of ways. Dubai has a population of about 2.7 million with only a small fraction constituting the local Emirati people. Dubai will wow you with it’s amazing culinary options and cultural inclusivity. If Dubai is on your list this year consider this a quick guide.

So here are a few of my recommendations based on what I got up to.

  • Desert safari

This activity is a must have in Dubai. The sand bashing, the ever so popular desert falcons, the red desert sand and the beautiful Dubai sunset are just some of the perks of going on a desert safari. A seven hour affair that will cater to your adventurous side through dune bashing in 4X4 vehicles, a culinary experience with a variety of Arabian cuisine to cater to your taste buds. At the very end of the experience you will enjoy traditional Arabian entertainment in the desert offered by some exotic belly dancers as well as henna painting for the ladies. This experience will set you back about AED 250 depending on the package you choose and/or the company.


  • Dancing Fountains and Burj Khalifa

Dubai is home to the tallest building on earth. As a matter of fact, the UAE pride themselves at being the best and having the tallest, biggest or fastest form of infrastructure of some sort. The Burj Khalifa and the dancing foundations are only just a few of Dubai’s finest ego boosting pieces of architecture.

  • Burj Al Arab

It pride’s itself in being the world’s only seven star hotel,shaped like a yacht of course. Its architectural excellence is worth a view even from a distance. A great view of the hotel can be achieved at the Jumeirah Beach.

  • Dhow cruise – Dubai Marina

A dhow is quite symbolic of Dubai pre-historic era, after all it formed one of the main means of transport for the Emiratis in the past. For a taste of this make sure to book a dhow ride. If you are looking for the more authentic experience then a dhow ride will do you good, but there are more modern options such as yachts that are quite reminiscent of the lifestyles of socialites :).


  • Spice and gold souks

Dubai has been a centre of trade for a longtime. They were known to trade in exotic spices and gold. They seem to have preserved these souks for cultural significance. Though I do believe that the physical appearance of the souks have changed since their inception, it is a place that will wow you with its fragrant scent and likewise the opulence of 24 carat gold.


  • Heritage Village Museum

For a more detailed perspective of historical view of the United Arab Emirates before the discovery of oil and the emergence of Dubai and the six other states as economic power houses the Heritage museum is the place to be. Detailing the life of Emiratis as pearl traders, divers and hunters. A variety of well kept and documented series of work and artefacts that will impress vintage art enthusiasts as well as historical lovers.


Thanks for stopping by and may adventure be with you!

If you’ve got any additional activities for Dubai, don’t hesitate to leave a comment; by sharing your option you are helping another traveller.



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