Taking Stock


Goodness! It’s been quite a while. Lots of life changes at the moment, settling in and trying to find a balance. I recently moved to New Zealand and trying to find my feet. Hence, my two month hiatus. I’m back now and I hope to post every so often.

So today, I decided to jump on “Taking Stock” bandwagon for two reasons; one, because it gives me a level of accountability and two, its a great way to interact with you guys on a personal level and hopefully a way to get to know me more. Here we go.

Making: Progress at my new job and finding my feet. It can quite be challenging when     you suddenly have to work in a new environment with new organisational cultures and new people but so far so good.

Cooking:  Lots of vegan meals, I am currently transitioning into being a vegan. Some think its a phase while others think am slightly crazy. All in all am doing it for my health and skin. I hope I stick to the plan in the long run.

Drinking: A tonne of water, vegan smoothies and green tea to supplement my changed lifestyle.

Trawling: The internet for cheap tickets to any destination. My soul aching to be on the move again.

Wanting: A holiday desperately 🙂 oh and a million dollars. I am accepting donations hehe!

Looking: For the next big adventure.

Hoping: I had the courage to chase my dreams despite the challenges that I may face.

Enjoying: The weather at the moment.

Wishing: I could read more books.

Waiting: For Easter.

Liking: That I am in a healthy mental space despite juggling adulthood.

Wondering: As to life’s possibilities.

Loving: Who I am despite my flaws and shortcomings.

Listening:To lots of Bruno Mars.

Buying:Nothing mainly because I have priorities and plans and literally can’t afford to buy anything at the moment.

Marveling: At God’s faithfulness and mercy in my life.

Needing: A new camera; wondering how I’ll pay for it.

Smelling: Body Shop tea tree range (face mask, toner and tea tree oil). Just did a mini-facial and I can smell the pungent smell of tea tree.

Wearing: My pyjamas; its almost bedtime here.

Following: Lots of vegan instagram pages.

Noticing: That life doesn’t happen to you but it responds to you.

Knowing: That in the end everything will be alright.

Thinking: This post is already long enough :-).

Giggling: On the inside because he who laughs last laughs longest.

Feeling: Optimistic.

Celebrating: Life and you guys, thanks for always reading my posts.

Pretending: To be clueless sometimes because I love to wind up people sometimes.

Reading: The Zahir by Paulo Coelho ( I just love him and how he writes).

Thanks for stopping by.







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