3 Crucial Tips for first time Airbnb users


Airbnb has blown up to become one of the “go to” sites for travellers especially millennials for affordable and budget friendly accommodation in recent years. Today, I thought I’d share some quick tips for first time Airbnb users. I am personally a huge fan of  Airbnb as it is an amazing concept both for travellers and hosts alike, plus it’s a great way to save money while travelling as some of it’s options are definitely cheaper than conventional accommodation options.

I have used Airbnb several times and I have come to love the options and convenience it gives me while travelling. Here are some quick tips for those skeptical about using Airbnb.

  • Always check the host’s reviews

A number of people have fallen prey to deceitful individuals. This might be through false images of the homes and false representation of some listing all together. It is very important to read reviews in order to make informed decisions.

  • Check the location and transport options

While some listings on Airbnb are simply beautiful and affordable, it is crucial to check out the location of the home and its accessibility to various locations depending on the purpose of your trip. It would not make sense to go about 15 kilometres away from the city to stay at an Airbnb city that is cheaper but you end up paying a huge chunk of money on transport. This will beat the purpose of using Airbnb anyway.

  • Pricing

I, for one, use Airbnb because it provides cheaper accommodation options; pricing and money management is imperative for me as a traveller. Therefore, before booking your accommodation make sure you factor in all the costs and weigh your options; this is because in some cities in the world hotels could be cheaper than Airbnb.

A lovely airbnb I stayed at while in Auckland. The lady was warm and accommodative.


My Airbnb in Hawaii.

In conclusion, I would recommend Airbnb to anyone looking to have a different travel experience. It gives you a fresh take on that destination through a local’s perspective, you get to spend time with a local and friends made (I am friends with my host in Hawaii for example) and ultimately it leads to creation of secondary sources of income for the host.

Thanks for stopping by and as always may adventure be with you.



3 thoughts on “3 Crucial Tips for first time Airbnb users

  1. Great post Cathy 🙂 I’ve used Airbnb only once but it was such a great experience. I stayed for a week in a house with two cats and they really made the stay magical! I chose to stay in that house especially because of the cats as I knew I’d miss my own furry cuddle monster while I was away! It was low-cost, peaceful, clean and comfy and I left a great review on the hosts site after 🙂 looking forward to hearing more travel stories and tips 🙂 Em

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