Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its beauty is matched by no other; its landscape is pleasantly diverse and every corner is literary a sight to behold.

I have been fortunate to call this beautiful place my temporary home for the last couple of months. This post is dedicated to Auckland and a few of the things and activities I have gotten up to.

  • Mount Eden

Explore Mount Eden if hiking and long walks are your cup of tea. At the summit you will experience some panoramic views of Auckland. I highly recommend Mount Eden especially in the afternoons on a sunny day for the most amazing pictures and scenic views of the city. Best of all, this activity is absolutely free.


  • Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial houses a wide range of natural, cultural and war memorabilia in various art forms. Its collections are full of deep emotional and culturally meaningful content on New Zealand, her participation in various war, stories of fallen soldiers and a general sense of statesmanship displayed by hundreds of men who fought to secure her safety and peace.



  • The Sky Tower

The sky tower is the landmark of Auckland. Just as Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London the Big Ben; Auckland’s version is the sky tower.

You can enjoy a lovely bungee jumping session or even an amazing dinner at its famous revolving restaurant.



  • Mission Bay

It is far from being New Zealand’s most beautiful beach but it is located close to the heart of the city in Mission Bay, one of Auckland’s suburbs. It’s convenient location gives visitors the option of taking the bus or driving there to enjoy a lovely swim especially during the summer.

  • Waiheke Island

Marketed as a haven of beautiful beaches, vineyards and bursting with lots of adventure packed activities; it truly is quite the treat.

A ferry ride to Waiheke from Auckland will set you back $45 inclusive of a day bus pass. Visiting vineyards will cost upwards of $75 depending on the sort of deals you source online.


  • Auckland Domain

This is a great place to have a picnic or a relaxing section before leaving New Zealand. It is a public park with a calming vibe. If you wish to unwind after long travels through New Zealand this is definitely the ideal location.


Thanks for stopping by.

May adventure be with you.



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