10 things to do in Barcelona


From my previous post here, you may be aware that I spent the most amazing 36 hours in the enchanting Barcelona. The city’s modernist architecture, vibrance and culture is one of a kind. Barcelona has a luring aura about it that is quite inviting as you stroll through the streets. Today I will highlight what I got up to in the 36 hours I was there.

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Nice is nice



Nice is indeed nice, this amazing city on the French Riviera is absolutely picturesque and dreamy. From its amazing beaches, warm and breezy weather to its architecture which is influenced by both French and Italian culture. Definitely a great place to visit and it can absolutely be done at a budget. Want to know how to spend less than kshs. 75,000 inclusive of flights and accommodation then stick around as I give you a detailed breakdown of how to make this possible.

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Monaco on a budget


You may know Monaco for various reasons; some know it because of Grace Kelly (hollywood royalty who married real life royal Prince Rainier III of Monaco) while others know it as the place where the 1% of people controlling the world’s economy live or have residence status for the purpose of tax avoidance. After all it is the millionaires and billionaires playground with the largest number of them per capita in the world while others know it because of the popular Formula One Monaco grand Prix. I got the opportunity to squeeze in an afternoon trip to Monaco while visiting Nice (France) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s how to spend less than €40 (kshs 4000) in Monaco.

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When in Rome


For a long time I romanticized over Italy. I visualised myself strolling through the Italian stradas and sitting in the ristoranti sipping wine, binging on gelato and indulging in pizzas and spaghetti. My desire to travel to Italy was probably heightened when I read ‘Eat Pray Love’. Elizabeth Gilbert’s description of Italy coupled with the artistic marriage between her personal struggles, love for food and the journey of self-discovery was amazingly depicted in her journey through Italy. Her experience was so beautiful that I imagined myself in Italy, reliving her moments in just three days minus her personal struggles and divorce of course! Continue reading