What socialites will not tell you about travelling to Dubai



Most of us have been accustomed to “things do to list” while travelling. We often find ourselves gravitating towards “things to do” blog posts, articles or¬†guide books while planning for a trip. When I travelled to Dubai last year, I made so many mistakes that I thought I’d share my “things not do to list” based on my¬†experience.

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The Adventures of Cathy 2017


Happy New Year friends! I know, I know ūüôā what a stretch right? Considering we are two days away from nearing the end of January and the Christmas countdown officially begins yet again. I really do hope you had a fantastic christmas with your loved ones; friends or family and that you ushered in the new year with a renewed sense of optimism for the possibilities 2017 may present.

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Pros and Cons of Travelling Solo


Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing¬†wonderfully well and working towards your¬†dreams. Today I am keen on sharing my tips on solo travel.¬†In today’s world many of us have become accustomed to doing things in¬†pairs, as a family or as a team. Even in job scenarios most companies tend to recruit a candidate¬†that is more likely to be a team player within the organisation. Well, while the trait of doing things with others is great, it may sometimes stripe us of our individuality, identity and confidence in some cases.

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5 top destinations Kenyans can Travel without a Visa

The Adventures of Cathy


We all know the plight of being a Kenyan passport holder when it comes to travelling; the hustle that entails procuring visas to prime tourist and travel destinations. Well! worry no more; NO VISA NO PROBLEM!! I have compiled a list of exotic destinations that us Kenyans can travel to without the hustle of applying for visas and a rough estimate of how much such a trip would cost. I have personally not travelled to these destinations but looking forward to visiting someday with proper planning and saving of course.

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Here’s what no one tells you about Lake Nakuru


So a couple of weeks ago, I went down to Nakuru with my family to visit an aunt of mine and we took the opportunity to sight see. I had been to Nakuru a couple times but I hadn’t fully appreciated the beauty¬†of the region. I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever make local travel plans not because there aren’t amazing places to visit but because I totally take Kenya as a travel destination for granted.

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