Why Kenyans and Kenya Airways should thank Fastjet


KEN 787-8

I believe the solution to inspire more Kenyans to travel is pure and simple competition by service providers, be it airlines, hotels or even tour operators. Competition yields great pricing options and best possible outcomes for the consumer in terms of cost. So, was I glad that Fastjet got their license to operate in Kenya? Yes! I was ecstatic about it. I will delve into why competition is great and weigh in some of my opinions on air travel in Africa and particularly East Africa. I would suggest a cup of coffee or tea because I have a mouth full to say.

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Monaco on a budget


You may know Monaco for various reasons; some know it because of Grace Kelly (hollywood royalty who married real life royal Prince Rainier III of Monaco) while others know it as the place where the 1% of people controlling the world’s economy live or have residence status for the purpose of tax avoidance. After all it is the millionaires and billionaires playground with the largest number of them per capita in the world while others know it because of the popular Formula One Monaco grand Prix. I got the opportunity to squeeze in an afternoon trip to Monaco while visiting Nice (France) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s how to spend less than €40 (kshs 4000) in Monaco.

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Travel Souvenirs


The word souvenir is actually a French word meaning remembrance. Souvenirs are great for many reasons; they remind you of the places you have visited and the people you have met along the way. These pretty trinkets are also great mood setters and they have ways of reigniting memories of the particular places and time.

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Coming to Los Angeles


Let me be honest here, I always thought I would have a “Coming to America” moment (like Eddie Murphy’s character did) when I set foot in America hehehe!. It goes without saying that this is one of my best movies as it epitomises the perception most non-Americans have towards America. When I was young, a lot of people wanted to go to America; the land of milk and honey; the land where dreams come true. So for a long time it was on my bucket list. My city of choice for this trip was Los Angeles and I will be sharing with you some of the things that I did while I was there.

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